Shoelaces are more than just a piece of string that tie your shoes up. They come in all shapes and sizes and accompany us almost every step of the way.
We felt that the humble shoelace deserved a little bit more attention and that’s why we created Laceup.
We have added a bit of liveliness, colour and elegance to our laces. Our shoelaces feel
like satin to touch, come in four different lengths and a wide range of colours.
With Laceup you can match your shoes to your favourite handbag giving endless possibilities to mix and match with your favourite accessories. Now you can transform your favourite pair of Chucks to stand out more, and give your sandals a new look by strapping them with Laceups. You can even style your comfy trainers into a unique fashion must have!
We will pamper you with a wide range of trendy colours and shades.
From the classic black and white, to shades of grey, gold, dirty pink, olive green, navy blue and natural tones.
Shoelaces in attractive packaging are a perfect gift idea. Each pair of shoelaces is delivered in a test tube with an aluminium cap. Shoelaces are 16mm and 25mm wide and come in four different lengths: 90, 110, 130, and 150cm. Ends enable easy insertion in the footwear. An important feature of Laceup shoelaces is that they do not untie. Made of 100% polyester, which provides durability and ease of care (washing in the washing machine at 40 degrees Celsius). STRAIGHT TO SHOPPING